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2016-17 ABC Content Creation Page (redirected from 2016-17 Created Content Page)

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Welcome to the ABC Content Creation 2016-17 Page! 

The purpose of this page is to provide teacher created resources for sharing and collaborating with one another.

Paste the link to your monthly projects below. Copy links to any videos or e-books that you would like added to your class wiki. 

Accessing and Sharing Videos and E-Books


Below are links to resources to use when planning. 

Activity Planning Sheet 

 Effective Instructional Strategies

Arkansas Early Childhood Frameworks

Part 1 Uploading eBooks

Part 2 Uploading eBooks


Title  Date  Format  Activity Plan Other Resources 



Camden #1

Title  Date  Format  Activity Plan Other Resources 
The Fish Room
Students playing in the fish room
Trip to the Fair 10/10/16 e-book A visit to the fair to see the animals Ouachita County Fair
Facts about Bats 11/8/16 e-book Mrs. Rogers taught us about bats. Books about bats
Exercising with Monica 12/1/16 video Exercising with Monica McKinney I-pad
Friends 1/31/17 e-book e-book about friends in the fish room I-pad
Clock Activity
2/28/17 video video of taking apart a clock and putting it back together I-Pad
Playing with Mrs. Margaret in the kitchen center 3/1/17 video video of the kids cooking for Mrs. Margaret in the kitchen center I-Pad
Mrs. Banks reading the book Giraffes Can't Dance 4/26/17 video Mrs. Banks reading to the students I-Pad



Camden #2

Title  Date  Format  Activity Plan Other Resources 
Shoes  January 2017 e-book     
Miles and Miles of Reptiles  January 2017  e-book     



Harmony Grove #1

Title  Date  Format  Activity Plan Other Resources 
Field Trip Fun
September 2016
5 Little Pumpkins October 2016 video    
Christmas Jingle December 2016 video    
100th day of school January e-book    
Student Reading February video    



Harmony Grove #2

Title  Date  Format  Activity Plan Other Resources 
Deciduous  11/07/16  e-book     




Title  Date  Format  Activity Plan Other Resources 



Parkers Chapel #1

Title  Date  Format  Activity Plan Other Resources 
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
an ebook created after we learned the nursery rhyme 
 paper, cut outs. pictures. camera, colors, ipad
Skittles Experimemt 9-1-16 ebook A science experiment working on patterns and color mixing white plate, warm water, and skittles
Dancing Worms 11-11-16 ebook A science experiment to watch gummy worms dance

gummy worms, scissors, water, vinegar, baking soda, clear cups or jars,fork

Disguise a Turkey 11-14-16 ebook Students brought home a turkey to disguise into anything they wanted and could use any materials they needed. The students that didn't bring one back from home, did it in class with myself. cardstock, ipad, variety of art materials, creativity, parental help if using hot glue gun or sharp scissors
Birdseed Wreath 1-25-17 ebook We created a birdseed wreath for our playground and to take home.

bird seed

water, gelatin, flour, corn syrup, mixing bowl, spoons, spray pam

Rainy Day Fun 3-19-17 ebook We created an Ebook to tell about what we like to do on a rainy day. ipad, umbrella, raincoat, construction paper, paint, markers
Lava Lamp
ebook with video
We created a lava lamp 
clear vase, water, vegetable oil, food coloring, antacid tablets, ipad
Miss Texarkana Twin Rivers 5-5-17 ebook

Hannah Barbaree reads a book about her platform to our class.

A Very Special Critter.

Ipad, book, discussion on topic afterwards.


Parkers Chapel # 

Title  Date  Format  Activity Plan Other Resources 










Parkers Chapel #3


Mr. B 9-2016  video  children matching colors using beebot   beebot, mat, paint chips
Color Book 10-2016 e book children made their own color book paint chips, magazines
Loopy Lou 11-2016 ebook Children singing and dancing with song Cd and Cd player
Three Billy Goat Gruffs 12-2016 video Children acting out the story props and imagination 
Bee Bot and Code A Pillar 1/2017 ebook with video children exploring coding  code a pillar and bee bot
play doh stress balloons 2/2017 ebook children making play doh to put in balloons balloons, cornstarch, hair conditioner
dice and domino math 3/2017 ebook and video using dice and dominoes to recognize sets dice, dominoes number cards
Expo Experiement 4/2017 ebook video  experimenting with expo markers on plate expo marker, plate, water
summer activities 5/2017



inexpensive activities and games to play during the summer

paint sample chips

colored paperclips

Frog In The Kitchen Sink 5/2017 video group reading Frog In The Kitchen Sink book


Retta Brown


Title  Date  Format  Activity Plan Other Resources 
Fall Family Fun  11/10/16 e-book     
Bus Safety 01/17/17 e-book    
Fire Safety 12/17/16 e-book    
Healthy Treats   e-book    



Title  Date  Format  Activity Plan Other Resources 
Bullpup Class Jobs  11/7/16 E-Book  An e-book created using pictures of our students taking care of the class plant.   iPad, plant, water


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