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2016-17 Content Creation Suggestions (redirected from 2014-15 Content Creation Suggestions)

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Welcome to Our Content Creation Suggestions Page!

The purpose of this page is to provide resources and suggested topics for teachers. 

Activity Planning Sheet 

 Effective Instructional Strategies

Part 1 Uploading eBooks

Part 2 Uploading eBooks


Frameworks: http://www.arkansas.gov/childcare/services/earlyed.html



Welcome your children to your class! Share something about yourself. Create a resource that will help children share you with their families. Take turns with your para professional. Video each other introducing yourselves to your families. Be sure to update your class wikis by adding a new school calendar and updating changing made to your daily schedule. Parents will visit often if the wiki is updated often. Don't forget to provide parents with the wiki address. Consider introducing the wiki during your open house. Share with parents where to find videos and how to download e-books.



Share how you manage a personal care routine or procedure in your classroom.  Routines and procedures are often similar in early childhood classrooms.  Share what works well in your class.  This resource may be used as an instructional tool for the child and a tool to share with parents and teachers. Remember improving personal care routines is one of our goals for this year.




Conscious Discipline "I Love You Rituals"


POWERFUL! Let this inspire you to share "I Love You Rituals" with your families. If you do not have "I Love You Rituals in place as a part of your daily activities, let this be the next piece that you implement. Don't forget you have the music "I Love You Rituals" on your desktop/iTunes playlist.




November Ideas

Share with parents a book that your children enjoy.  Perhaps do a book talk or share an activity that goes along with the book. Remind parents of the many benefits of reading with their children.  Some benefits are: children learn how to listen and treat books, children learn some of the components of a story such as character, plot, setting, relationships with your children improves as you are doing something fun together, and children will associate reading with good feelings!

Activity 10 in A Family Connection provides a resource page for families.

Connecting Literature and Math Activity #2, "A Feast for Ten".






December Ideas

Refer to Connecting Literature and Math #11 for ideas for sharing this classic poem with your children.



A Family Connection is provided the Division of Childcare and Early Childhood Education/DHS.  Visit the link and download the resource (if you do not already have a copy). Choose an activity to share with parents. Connecting Literature and Math is provided by the Division of Childcare and Early Childhood Education/DHS.  Choose an activity and share with your children. Share resource with parents to enhance the family connection.


January Ideas 


The return of school after a long break is a good time to reteach routines and procedures. Consider creating an e-book or video to reinforce classroom routines and procedures. You may wish to think about some of your Conscious Discipline strategies. Don't forget consciousdiscipline.com provides lots of resources to assist with planning and implementation.


February Ideas

Miss Tizzy Lesson Plan


We need to be intentional to teach our children about love and kindness. These concepts are best taught through experiences. Miss Tizzy is an excellent example of displaying love and kindness in ways that children can relate. Pre-K Ella participants should have this book. A lesson plan provided by Creative Adventures in Literature is provided in the link.





March Ideas 

Deep in the Forest Lesson Plan


"Deep in the Forest" is somewhat of a parody of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Be sure your children know the story of Goldilocks before introducing "Deep in the Forest". This is a fun book. Children will enjoy this twist in the story. Great opportunity for comparing and contrasting. Don't forget wordless books are very important and have a important role in promoting and developing language in preschool age children. This will be a favorite!

Wiki Idea-Create a e-book of your children telling their version of the story. Lots of language expression opportunities. 


April Ideas 


Arkansas Children's Week

more to come...

May Ideas 

Links for Parents


Share ideas with your families to prepare for the transition to Kindergarten. 

Create a video or e-book sharing ideas to help families with an easier transition. "Links for Parents" is a tool for families. Be sure to share how to use this resource when passing on to families. 





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