Project Forms

Welcome to the Project Forms wiki page.


This is where you will find links to various forms used in this project.  For example, there are rubrics, an observation tool, parent surveys, and an activity planning sheet.


Use a rubric (for student or parent podcasts or videos) as a guide and/or as a self-assessment tool for each podcast or video you produce. By the end of the school year, you will complete 5 student rubrics and 5 parent rubrics. Please have copies of the completed rubrics available for Marsha and Susan.


Just prior to a scheduled visitation, download an observation form and add critical information related to your use of podcasts and video. Have a copy of this form available for Susan or Marsha to use during the visitation.


Use the first parent survey at the beginning of the school year to determine how many parents have Internet connectivity and what types of hardware are available to them. Use the second, shorter survey to determine how many parents are accessing the wiki and the materials provided there.


The collaboration project planning sheet and activity planning sheet links at the bottom of the list are Google Doc templates that will be used during Year 3 whenever you complete one of the four collaborative projects with special education staff. Also complete and post the activity planning sheet along with the podcasts and/or videos you develop in the remaining months for this school year. 



Rubric for Assessing Podcasts or Videos Created for Students


Rubric for Assessing Podcasts or Videos Created for Parents


Classroom Observation Tool


Comprehensive Parent Survey (September and May) Online version


Short Parent Survey (October - April) Online version


Activity Planning Sheet


Podcast Brainstorming Sheet


Video Brainstorming Sheet


Google Docs Templates


Collaboration Project Planning Sheet Template


Project Activity Plan Template